Android Guide For Beginners


Anyone who has been using apple products for years may get a bit dizzy about trying to use an Android device. If you are new to Android OS then a quick guide can sort all your queries out. If you have a new phone in hand, then you need to set the phone up as present day upgrades to this operating system has brought wonders to what technology can do.


The first set up

If you are setting up your phone for the first time, then you will be prompted with instructions on the screen of your device. You need to have a valid working Gmail account. You need the Gmail account to sign up with your phone. This device will now be used on the credentials of your Gmail account. Your contacts, calendar, mails, and chats everything will be at ease then. The first time you switch on your phone, you will be asked to select your preferred language, and then connect your phone to a Wi-Fi network to finish up the rest.

In case you do not have a Google account, you just need to follow the on screen instructions to set up a new one. Well the Google account is not a mandate to use the phone, but it is required to download and use applications, back up data and enjoy other services on your device. You may also be prompted for security, as like password or screen pattern lock or fingerprint sensor based on your device. You can even register in multiple fingerprints into your device.

Handling the device

The device comes with three buttons on the lower side of the screen. One button that looks like a triangle works as the back button. It takes you back to the last activity that you did within the application you have been using. The middle circular one is called the home button. If you press it long enough, Google Voice Assistant would open up. You can even customize the Voice Assistant to respond to your voice only. You can register in samples of your voice and you can enjoy personalized voice assistant from Google. The other button looks like a square in shape. It is the overview button that lets you enjoy multitasking on your device. This button helps you toggle between all the last used apps that keep running in the background.

On your device you can have multiple home screens and set them up as per your widget that you find necessary. You can access the Quick Settings Bar from the pull down from the top of the screen. Here you can get all the handy necessary shortcuts to the most used things. Here you can also view and remove the notifications of the various apps that you have installed in your device. You can find all the installed apps in the app drawer over the dock that you can find at the lower centre of the screen near the navigation keys.

The Play Store

Once you are familiar with your device you can download any application you wish to from the Google Play Store and enjoy them as much as you wish. Most of the apps are free but some paid apps are also there put up in the store. You can not only get games and apps in the Play Store but you can also find here free themes to personalize your device, or free books, you can also get wallpapers and movies here on the Play Store. If you want to know about the details of your phone, you can go into the Settings section. You can get it from quick action settings tool bar that you can get by the drag down from the top of the screen or from the dock. There you can go to the ‘About Phone’ section and find all the details of your device.


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