How To Fix Showbox Not Working Error on Your Device


Show box is an Android app that provides the users movies and tv shows online, also a facility to download them. It is free of cost, the only investment is the time you spent in making a list of movies. Have your watch list ready, then you can open the app and start watching them, or download them to watch it later. Sorry to say this, but this app won’t be in the reach of hands of the iphone users. Show box was designed strictly for Android. Showbox Not Working? learn how to Fix Showbox App not Loading, Captcha Server Playing Crashing Stopped, Video not available.

A problem arises with show box apk when the servers that come to our hands are the geo- blocking servers outside US. There might be slight discrepancies like, you might get a message saying that the video you selected could not be played. The remedy is simple. You got to download a VPN, you can easily get many online, run the app and then connect it to the proper server, i.e. the US server.

This problem arises once you have got show box. After connecting to the US server, the users have Clear data and cache. You can do this by going to settings where you will have an option called apps, you will have all the installed apps here, select show box from them, and do the above mentioned thing.

In some of the cases, these kind of minor errors occur when the version of the show box app you are having is quite old. So make yourself sure that the version of show box you are having is the latest one. If not uninstall the app and download the latest version of the app from the websites.

Show box allows the users to arrange the videos into different groups based on their date, rating and other factors. So you can now categorize your movies and Tv shows by date, and also by their rating, and make a decision to watch which one first.

Two things to be noted are- firstly, show box application is not present in the play store. So you have to find a source to download it. You can go for this. Second, it is a non-market app and hence you have to enable Unknown Sources option via security settings.

Taking note of the two things in mind, go to the above mentioned link to download the app. You got to install it once the download is complete and you have show box on your device.

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